Window Repairs From Greenwich, Connecticut

When the windows in your older home are ailing, whom do you turn to for repairs or advice?  Choose the Greenwich Window Doctor, the window repair expert, based in Greenwich, Connecticut.

His Story

While fixing the windows in his older home, the Greenwich Window Doctor recognized that other people must have the same problem. Soon he started repairing windows around the area. Then he developed his business and came out with a registered, copyrighted how-to video on repairing double-hung windows. He made that video for people whose windows he could not repair in person.

He has been repairing windows since 1989, and has come to appreciate this is about more than just saving money; it is about addressing the health issues that come with vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows.

He has since developed a reputation as one of the best in the business.  It is his philosophy to treat people as human beings and look at the overall situation.  He has saved homeowners thousands of dollars by repairing the original windows that were built and designed for your house.  His expertise allows him to get them working again, and because the wood is old growth timber, once fixed, it will last another 100 + years with little maintenance.  He saved a homeowner in Briarcliff Manor, NY $29,000.00 and a homeowner in Cos Cob, CT $10,000.00.  This is extremely TEDIOUS work and I haven't seen any carpenters doing this work as they would rather put in a replacement window, trim it off, and walk away.  If you get a 10 year or lifetime warranty, make sure you get it in writing. According to studies, it can take 240 years to recoup enough money in Energy Savings to pay back the cost of installing replacement windows (the difference is approximately .50 to .60 cents either way so honestly, IS IT WORTH IT?) Once I repair an historic or old window-weatherstrip it, if needed, with bronze weatherstripping, and if you have a good storm window on it, you have created your thermal pocket instead of relying on thermal panes with argon or krypton gas sealed in, which will always breaks down, and then you have to find someone who can reseal it again.  I have not found that person as of yet!   Weather isn't a factor for all work is done from inside!  Call for a FREE ESTIMATE NOW, especially with Spring and Summer coming. 

His Business

The Greenwich Window Doctor works on 2 levels: local and national. For people in Fairfield County in Connecticut and Westchester County in New York, he comes to your house for window restoration. For people who live farther away, he offers his do-it-yourself DVD filled with window repair directions.

For all you ever wanted to know about window repairs in older homes, contact the Greenwich Window Doctor.

Also, go to:  to get educated before you spend your hard earned money!  Replacement Windows let in less light for they are smaller than the ones you have now and 30 percent will break down within 10 years or less.  Then you have to buy new ones again only to happen again.  Windows made of Vinyl (PVC) give off Dioxin, which causes cancer and other health issues.   Go to to learn more about Vinyl Siding and PVC.  Just put in Money Magazine @ : 5 Things To Know Before You Replace Windows!  May 2016 Issue.

Andrew G. Coviello

PO Box 4874

Greenwich, CT 06831-0417 

Phone (203) 531-4485

Are you looking to fix your own wood windows? Get a step-by-step DIY tutorial DVD for only $4.99 plus $3.00 shipping.

This is the cover art for the DVD created in 1995.

This is the cover art for the DVD created in 1995.